Ad Minoliti, Theory Peluche Fábulas

Title: Theory Peluche Fábulas
Author: Ad Minoliti
Design: Myriam Barchechat
Language: FR/ENG/ES
Pages: 204 pages
Format: 290 × 214 mm
Publisher : Éditions Crèvecœur, Paris
Date: 2023

Theory Peluche Fábulas is a publication that examines in depth the artistic issues at stake in the work of Ad Minoliti, an artist from Argentina, with the aim of deconstructing the binary categories that history and the history of art have tried to retain as “universal”. With photographic documentation covering more than fifteen years of artistic practice (painting, print, video, sculpture, installation) and texts by Irene Aristizábal, Gaby Cepeda, Nicolás Cuello, Élodie Stroecken and Santiago Villanueva, the book reveals different social, cultural and political questions that their practice raises.