“L’Atelier des filles” is the title of an artist book by Julien Carreyn, an album by Jorge Mantas (aka The Beautiful Schizophonic), and a video directed by Julien Carreyn with music by The Beautiful Schizophonic. Myriam Barchechat designed both the book and the album cover and initiated the collaboration between the artists.

“L’Atelier des filles” est le titre d’une œuvre multiple, composée tour à tour par l’artiste Julien Carreyn et le musicien Jorge Mantas (aka The Beautiful Schizophonic), et liée par le design de Myriam Barchechat.

Julien Carreyn, L’Atelier des filles,
artist book, 196 pages, B&W
published by Anywave and Galerie Crèvecœur, 2014
Photos & drawings by J. Carreyn /
Text by Judicaël Lavrador /
Layout by J. Carreyn and M. Barchechat /
Cover by M. Barchechat
The Beautiful Schizophonic,
L’Atelier des filles
, limited edition CD,
screen printed digisleeve with booklet, Anywave, 2016
Solo processed guitar by Jorge Mantas / Pictures extracted from Julien Carreyn, L’Atelier des filles  (2016, video) /
Designed by Myriam Barchechat /
Printed by Studio CO-OP.